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Palo Santo

I have some news to share, and invite you think alongside me. I won’t be selling Palo Santo anymore in the shop. I have always believed in knowing where and who your Palo Santo, or any sacred plant prone to over-harvesting is coming from and WHO is harvesting it (really any plants in general!). So I only worked with a company who dedicated themselves to sourcing responsibly (only authorized farmers and permit holders for ethical harvesting), is active in regenerative forestation (works with environmental agencies), keen on ethical and labor conditions with a socially-responsible business model.
But it’s not enough. Because not everyone does it this way, and there’s a lot of crooked practices going on regarding this booming industry. And that’s the problem, this sacred tree has become an “industry”, part of a capitalistic mindset where dollars always seem to win over mama Earth. So I’m out. Indigenous people are crying out in fear that their beloved trees will be wiped out.
I love Palo Santo. It is such magic - the smell, the sparkling resin, beautiful textures, and it’s clean burning smoke, but when something is over-harvested to the point the people who have used a plant throughout their culture’s history can no longer have comfortable access to it, that’s a problem.
In the meantime, I’ve been learning a lot about the available plants for smudging (some grow locally around us) and are safe from over-harvesting! Mugwort, lavender, eucalyptus, vervain, juniper, and pine are some to name a few!
Thank you for respecting my decision to discontinue the sales of Palo Santo. All items will be removed 11/1/19 or sooner if stock sells out.
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