1. Found items that reflect cultures and trends of their time.
2. Objects produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical interest.

| From the Latin arte by skill, and factum  a thing made |


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Artefacts Collection is for the believers that the best things in life aren't mass-produced.

We hunt for beautiful pieces with a story. In a face-paced, increasingly digital world, it is important to honor the human skills of the hands, spirit, and mind. It is important to think of who we are supporting with our money- wasteful corporations with underpaid workers? No. Let's support the makers of the world and fuel passionate people who devote their time to perfecting their craft.

Artefacts Collection is an advocate for fair-trade and its ability to uplift a community. It not only brings people hope, power, and financial stability, but also promotes traditional craft. We see the beauty and unity that comes from appreciating artisans around the world.

We use as many eco-friendly materials for packaging and shipping as possible. We deeply care about and respect our amazing planet. Because we believe the Earth is the biggest treasure we choose to donate to The Wilderness Society, a United States non-profit land conservation organization dedicated to protecting our nation's shared wildlands. Wild lands are crucial to the vitality of our planet. They not only provide habitats but are the remaining anchors of normality in our overdeveloped world. They are the last pure places that exist, just how they were designed to be.

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Proudly based out of Providence, Rhode Island.