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Why fair-trade?


Artefacts Collection hunts for fair-trade pieces that come from vibrant cultures around the world. We believe in the importance of fairly paying artists for their hard work and beautiful creations. Hand-made pieces are so special and made with love and attention for each stitch, cut, and paint stroke. In this fast paced world filled with factories and mass produced items, it is so important to honor and support hand craft and quality. We have found a variety of beautiful hand-made pieces, and are excited to get even more in the upcoming months.

Not only is the hand-made aspect important, but supporting fair-trade uplifts communities. Many fair-trade items come from oppressed and poverty-stricken communities. Buying fair-trade supports traditional craft in villages and empowers people financially to open the doors for education and change for a better life. It ensures a haven that pays right and provides a comfortable workplace, enabling artisans to continue their traditional craft, passed down through the generations.

Not to mention, all of these artisan fair-trade objects are sustainably made. Artists use locally sourced and repurposed materials, and safe dyes. Buying fair-trade means you're buying responsibly. Know who makes your products, what they are made of, and how it helps the world.

Here are some beautiful fair-trade pieces we have had in our shop:

Purple Floral Exotic Pillow

The Exotic Floral Pillow | These pillows are made by talented artisans in India who specialize in fine stitching. Pillows are made with screen-printed 100% cotton fabric. Finished with stitched detailing and petite pom-pom fringe. Pillow fill is made in USA using NO water and 97% recycled materials.

Hand-Painted Kashmiri Bud-Vases

Hand-painted Kashmiri Bud-Vases | The Kashmir region in the Himalayan valleys of India is known for its gorgeous papier-mâché products. These small bud vases start with recycled paper that is mixed with glue and then molded into vessels. From there, each vase is painted and exquisitely adorned with flowers before being finished with gold detailing.

Hand-Painted Kashmiri Tray

Hand-Painted Kashmiri Tray | The same papier-mâché techniques used to make the bud vases are used by the artisans of the Kashmir region of India to create these versatile and beautiful trays.

Ana Cloth Ring

Ana Cloth Rings | Big change often has humble beginnings.

The Ana Art Group started as a small group of artisans working in tiny, congested work spaces in Old Delhi. Now a large, thriving community, the story of their success is a testament to the power of fair-trade agreements. Their talented artisans make these naturally-dyed, block-print fabric rings. The fabric is showcased in gorgeous settings made from recycled gold metal.

Turquoise Wave Ring

Turquoise Wave Ring | These rings are made from upcycled wire that is carefully shaped and hammered flat in the back for comfort and style. The artisans then wrap it with delicate gold wire and semi-precious turquoise beads. The attention to detail and quality make this simplistic ring so special.

We are so delighted to be able to bring these special pieces that have made journeys from thousands of miles away to you.

-Artefacts Collection


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