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New Line Launch | Tibetan Silver Rings


Artefacts is about hand-made, authentic finds, with culture and character embedded in them.  We could not be more thrilled to finally share this line of treasures with you!

We recently found authentic Tibetan silver rings that are hand-crafted by talented artisans in Nepal. These jewelry artists took no shortcuts -- using only .925 sterling silver, they paid impeccable attention to detail when they were hand-cutting the settings, and used genuine, natural, semi-precious gemstones. The stones used in these rings are: amethyst, citrine, turquoise, black star, onyx, garnet, lapis, and moonstone. 

Perhaps what we love most is the authenticity of these rings. It's time to stop buying fake turquoise and stones! Why buy rings that turn your fingers green, made of mystery metals that are potentially harmful to you? It's time to invest in real jewelry, jewelry that is hand-made with care, attention and pride. Each one of these rings is unique - we've compared them all, and every setting is just a bit different! That's a beautiful thing. :)

Have you ever seen a brilliant cut and polished amethyst stone? Have you experienced moonstone's mystical hues moving in the light? What about black star? Lapis' pyrite-gold veins running through its rich blue stone? The gemstones used in these rings are absolutely captivating.

You have to see these amazing rings for yourself!


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