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Artefacts Collection Opens Its Doors!


What started as dreams and sketches is now a reality. The idea of an online market featuring cool, eccentric, and beautiful things. Things that would be perfect in our wardrobes, things that have stories, things that have traveled thousands of miles. Exploring the world though the things that we make, and the things that we find. That's the spirit of Artefacts Collection- findings that reflect the people and places that define the world we live in.

Exactly one month ago, we were picking the font for our logo; today, we are launching the website! It's been a productive month (and past year), and we are thrilled to officially start the journey publicly.

So, welcome to our store! We have even more amazing pieces soon to come, so check back often and sign up for our e-mail list (at the bottom of the homepage) to get launch dates on new collections, and exclusive coupons! Don't worry, we are a nuisance-free business, and that applies to the amount of emails we send too.

Thank you, and let's get started!


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