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Our New Store in Providence!


We have JUST opened a physical retail space in Providence, Rhode Island! Artefacts Collection is part of Share Space, a new collaborative space in the groovy West End of Providence- arts, makers, vintage finds! It's all here. If you ever find yourself in Providence, stop by! 

140 Broadway
Providence RI 02903

New Line Launch | Tibetan Silver Rings

Artefacts is about hand-made, authentic finds, with culture and character embedded in them.  We could not be more thrilled to finally share this line of treasures with you! We recently found authentic Tibetan silver rings that are hand-crafted by talented artisans in Nepal. These jewelry artists took no shortcuts -- using only .925 sterling silver, [...]

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Great things in the making

So we've been a little quiet with blogging and on facebook- but that's only because we have been endlessly busy with some amazing new product lines in the works. JUST WAIT. It's totally worth it.We are realigning with our mission to bring quality, amazing pieces of value. Value in their stories, their craftsmanship, their aesthetics, [...]

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Artefacts Goes Cross-Country!

We are so pumped to announce that Artefacts is hitting the road and traveling the USA cross country. We'll see Nashville to Austin, red rocks and the wild west, California coastline, and countless national parks. Our journey starts at the end of April so our online store will be closed from April 18th, to June [...]

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New Artefacts Originals on the way

Our Artefacts Originals are shaping up beautifully! This weekend involved a lot of glasswork, jewelry making, and woodwork with laser cutting! We are hoping to release some amazing new pieces very soon, here are some sneak peeks of what we've been up to, theres much more- but we need to have some surprises in store [...]

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Why fair-trade?

Artefacts Collection hunts for fair-trade pieces that come from vibrant cultures around the world. We believe in the importance of fairly paying artists for their hard work and beautiful creations. Hand-made pieces are so special and made with love and attention for each stitch, cut, and paint stroke. In this fast paced world filled with factories [...]

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Artefacts Collection Opens Its Doors!

What started as dreams and sketches is now a reality. The idea of an online market featuring cool, eccentric, and beautiful things. Things that would be perfect in our wardrobes, things that have stories, things that have traveled thousands of miles. Exploring the world though the things that we make, and the things that we find. [...]

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